Accelerite CloudPlatform Hotfix 01 Announcement


Accelerite is pleased to announce Hotfix 01 for the customers running Accelerite® CloudPlatform version

The Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 01 release ships the following new features:

  • Ability to add a new IP address range to the management network within a subnet
  • Ability to support VMWare vSAN datastore as primary storage pool
  • Ability to reserve public IP address range and VLAN range for a domain

The Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 01 release includes the following enhancements:

  • Addition of the powerdown option in the DestroyVM API(XenServer)
  • Addition of the storageid parameter in the prepareTemplate This parameter enables the users to specify the ID of the primary storage pool in the zone where they want to seed the system VM template.
  • Addition of the new bulkDeployVirtualMachine API that allows the users to deploy virtual machines in bulk
  • Ability to the UserDispersing deployment planner to consider the virtual machines in the Starting state for user dispersion

Also, Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 01 release addresses the following issues reported by the customers:

  • Failure in starting VRs after upgrading in the VMWare environment
  • Failure of VM deployments from the VM snapshots after the failure of the initial VM deployment from a snapshot
  • Failure of the CreateVolumeFromVmSnapshot API when the source VM of the VM snapshot in the Stopped
  • Absence of the option to limit the size of the root disk in the root disk resize feature
  • Change in root disk controller to LSI Logic Parallel while cold migrating from one cluster to another
  • Impact on billing because of the use of physical size of the snapshot for generating the usage record
  • Failure to start the usage service (cloudstack-usage) after installing 4.5.1 Hotfix05 or 4.5.0 Hotfix06
  • Failure of the logrotate configuration for Tomcat in rotating the /var/log/cloudstack/management/catalina.out file because of a permissions issue with the updated logrorate package
  • Failure in removing the old snapshots that are above the retention policy
  • Display of the status of Redundant VR as 'Unknown' because of the starting of Baremetal services from multiple locations
  • Hosts continuing in the disconneçted state after restarting Management Server because of some stale DB entries
  • Failure in displaying the Nicira-NVP networks in the Accelerite CloudPlatform version 4.7.1 UI
  • Failure of the StartCommand while deploying an instance on the managed primary storage in an Accelerite CloudPlatform zone
  • Failure in deploying Baremetal instances if the VR that holds the NFS repository is hosted on XenServer. This failure is because of the absence of the required iptable rules specific to the new interface that is added from the management network.
  • Failure of Management Server to connect to SystemVM over SSH because of its inability to locate Loop interface 0
  • Passage of traffic through the static public IP address interface after enabling static NAT in VPC and configuring the private gateway
  • Failure of the VPN connections in connecting to the external customer networks that do not support ike2 in Accelerite CloudPlatform 4.7.1
  • Failure in releasing secondary guest IP address

Along with the Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 01 release, Accelerite releases the updated Kubernetes service plugin with the ability to create an external load balancer using Accelerite CloudPlatform

The product download for Accelerite® CloudPlatform version Hotfix 01 is available for logged in users at

The updated Kubernetes service plugin package and documentation are available at

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