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Accelerite Recovery as a Service (RaaS) rCloud© provides the following new capabilities:

File and folder download

You can download files and folders for recovery points without restoring a recovery point as a virtual machine in rCloud. For more information, see Downloading files and folders from recovery points. To enable downloading of files and folders for your clients, contact Accelerite Support.

VMDK download

You can download VMDK files for recovery points and use the downloaded VMDK to failback to new hardware. For more information, see Downloading VMDK files. To enable VMDK download, contact Accelerite Support.

Automated publishing of rCloud usage data to ConnectWise

Partners can integrate rCloud with ConnectWise to automatically publish rCloud usage data each month on a scheduled day. For more information, see ConnectWise Integration.

Customized branding to increase brand awareness and visibility for partners

Accelerite RaaS supports custom branding for its partners. With custom branding, Accelerite can modify the look-and-feel of the rCloud web application to match the design elements of their partner's brand, such as their color theme, style, and logo. Custom branding creates brand awareness and improve user experience by associating a brand's theme with the rCloud web application.

rAppliance for AppAssure

rAppliance for AppAssure integrates rCloud with Dell AppAssure to leverage cloud-based backup and recovery provided by rCloud with local recovery and scalability provided by AppAssure. Please contact your sales representative or call (877) 341-7342 (US only) for more details.

For more information about the appliances, see Deploying rAppliance for AppAssure.

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