Packing Your Drive for Shipment


We require that hard drives be appropriately packaged to ship to our data centers for disk seeding. Hard drives need to be packaged so they will arrive to us in working condition. A drive that is damaged in shipment may be inoperable and incapable of recovery.

Hard drives should be clearly labeled with the reference number that you got from the Disk Seeding Form.

Hard drives should be packed in an anti-static bag or wrapping.

Drives should be placed in an appropriate-sized box. We suggest one that allows for approximately 2" of packing/cushioning material all around the drive. The purpose is to hold the drive tightly enough to keep it from getting bounced around in the box but also to cushion it from impact.

Drives can be packed in foam rubber, rigid foam, or some other material that holds the drive tightly in the box. Your drive will be returned in our custom packaging. We suggest that you save the box and packing for future use.

Unacceptable Packaging

  • Shipping envelopes - including padded ones.
  • Boxes with no packing material.
  • Boxes that are too large
  • Direct contact, without ant-static wrap, with static-inducing materials such as Styrofoam.
  • Do not ship multiple drives in one package unless they are cushioned from each other.
  • Do not use paper bags, plastic bags, or plastic food wrap to wrap drives.
  • Bubble wrap commonly deflates during transit, which might cause physical damage to hard drives. Avoid using bubble wrap whenever possible.


Please ship all seed drives to:

Attn: rCloud Support
Reference: (your case/reference number)
3380 146th Place SE, Suite 220
Bellevue, WA 98007

The Shipping Reference should be the case number you received.

When the drive arrives at Accelerite Support, we will give you an estimated time frame for the completed import to start based on the current volume of imports. We will return all drives via ground shipping.

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