Restore a ShadowProtect Machine


To restore any protected machine to a virtual machine that you can run in the rCloud, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the rCloud Web application.
  2. Click the Backups tab. This will show you the last backup for each machine. You can filter the list by clients using the Clients list in the top right of the screen.


  3. If you want to restore a backup from an earlier backup, click the scheduled backup time (e.g. Every 15 minutes or Daily at 02:00) in the Scheduled column.


  4. If the backup retention policy is set, you can use one of the following options from the Retention Type list to filter the displayed backups:

    • All: Displays all available backups for the machine, including the daily backups for the previous month and all the monthly and yearly backups.
    • Monthly: Displays only the monthly backups for the machine.
    • Yearly: Displays only the yearly backups for the machine.

Important: You can view the filter options only if you have set the backup retention policy for your machine. To enable the backup retention policy for your machines, contact Accelerite Support.

backupretentionflag.png 5. Click the Restore icon on the far right of the screen.
6. Complete the Restore of Backup form as follows:
* In the Machine Information Section:
* Enter a unique Machine name for the machine that will be created by the restore.
* In the IPv4 Networking Information section you can enter the IP settings for the machine and network that will be restored/created.
Note: These don't have to match the production environment, however you will have to manually update the IP of the machine after it is restored to match what you enter here. Also, if you are restoring a machine for testing purposes only and do not need network connectivity, then you can leave these settings blank.
* Machine IP address
* Subnet mask
* Default gateway
* Primary DNS Server
* Click RESTORE.

rcloud-help-restoring-machines-03.1.jpg 7. On the Operation: Restore page, click RESTORE. The restore may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

rcloud-help-restoring-machines-04.1.jpg 8. You can start the machine immediately using START MACHINE button on the restore page or start it any time later using the drop down arrows , next to the machine name, on the machines tab.


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