Prerequisites for protecting machines with AppAssure and rCloud


Physical or virtual machines not running on vSphere/ESX(i) can be backed up using Dell AppAssure and uploaded to rCloud.

Supported AppAssure Versions
  • Dell AppAssure 5.3.5 and higher
Additional Requirements
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5. SP1 is required for agent installation. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 alone will not currently work, although you can have both installed
  • The machine on which the agent is installed must have a supported version of AppAssure Core server.
  • The Core must be pre-configured to protect Windows machines. These Windows machines can be physical or virtual.
  • The AppAssure Core machine must trust the following Certification authorities:
    • Entrust - Entrust (2048) Certificate
    • Godaddy - GoDaddy Standard SSL Wildcard Certificate
  • The machines being backed up by the core must have static IP addresses
  • The Agent requires a portion of local disk space to work in referred to as 'workspace'. This must be equivalent to 5% of the total protected volumes (e.g. a total 1TB of disk space on the protected machines will require 50GB of workspace). This directory can have any name, but must be created on a local volume prior to importing any machines.
  • Only NTFS and GPT volumes are supported for backup
  • The agent needs outbound connectivity to the internet using DNS, specifically to:
    • rCloud hosts: *
    • IP service address range: (
    • TCP Ports:
      • 443
      • 8443
      • 8640
      • 9580
Incompatible Software/Configurations
  • Non-NTFS partitions, including utility partitions. Unsupported Configurations
  • Dual-boot/Multi-boot systems
  • IPv6 is not supported
  • Multi-homed systems (multiple NICs are supported as long as only 1 is in use)
  • Systems with software RAID
  • Systems with volumes over 2TB in size
  • Peripherals and external devices (i.e. USB/Serial dongles, modems etc) AppAssure Implementation

We recommend you review AppAssure documentation to become familiar with their software. You should contact your AppAssure software vendor for assistance in implementation.

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