Import (Seed) a ShadowProtect backup chain to rCloud


To import a machine (you are protecting with ShadowProtect) over the internet, carry out the following steps.

NOTE: This can be done from any location using a web browser, you do not need to be connected to the network where the machine is located.

NOTE: Seeding via disk (manual import) is described in a later section.

  1. Navigate to the Machines tab.
  2. Click ADD SEED.


  3. Complete the Seed to Cloud form as follows and then click ADD:

    • Select ShadowProtect Machine.
    • Select via Internet
    • Ensure the correct Agent is selected in the Agent drop down list.
    • Enter the ShadowProtect Backup Location
    • Enter and confirm the ShadowProtect Decryption Password (if there is one)
    • If you entered a UNC path in the ShadowProtect Backup Location enter credentials to access the share:
    • Enter the Domain Name, Computer Name or IP Address in the Backup Location Domain/Computer/NAS
    • Enter the User name in the Backup Location User field
    • Enter and confirm the password the Backup Location Password fields
    • Enter a meaningful Machine Name, it will be used to identify the machine in the rCloud.


  4. On the Import Operation screen click the Import Button Import . Read the warning regarding upload times and click OK if you are ready to proceed.



    The import status changes to Upload Requested.


  5. Monitor the status and ensure that the sub-status appears below it. The machine is uploading when the statuses read Uploading and Uploading as shown below.


  6. You can click on the Uploading sub status link to view upload progress.


  7. Once the Import completes you should see a status of Finished with the description Import Complete. Available for restore.


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