Install an rCloud Agent for vSphere


To install a vSphere Agent carry out the following steps using a browser on the network where the ESX(i) host is located. When you install an rCloud agent for vSphere, a VMDownloadAgent.jnlp file is downloaded to your machine. If this file exists on your machine because of previous agent installations, ensure that you delete this file before installing the agent again.

  1. In the rCloud Web application, click on the Agents tab.
  2. Use the Clients list on the top right of the screen to select the client you are working with.
  3. Hover over the double drop down arrows next to the name of the Agent.


  4. Click Download.
    The VMDownloadAgent.jnlp file is downloaded to your machine.
    Note: Depending on the browser that you use, the VMDownloadAgent.jnlp file is either automatically downloaded to your default downloads folder or you are prompted to save the file.

  5. In a browser such as Internet Explorer, the downloaded VMDOwnloadAgent.jnlp file is launched automatically with the Java Web Start application. If this does not happen, navigate to the location where the VMDownloadAgent.jnlp is stored, double-click the file and when prompted to run the application, click Run.

  6. You can download the vSphere Agent to a Local Folder or directly to the ESX Host (recommended).

    • To save it to a local folder for later upload to the ESX Host, click Local Folder and enter the path or browse to the folder location, and then click OK. For example, C:\temp.



    • To save to an ESX(i) Host click ESXi Server on x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of your Host. Click the ellipsis button to select a datastore and create a folder in which to install for the Agent. Click OK.


  7. Click Download.
    The download progress is displayed in the Progress column.


  8. You will receive a notification once the download completes successfully. Click OK and Close.

  9. Confirm that the Agent is installed and running on the ESX Host. The default Machine name is vSphereHostAgent. This can be changed without impacting the agent functionality.


  10. Confirm that the Agent is checking in to rCloud.


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