Configuring CRM Email Addresses

  1. To configure Email addresses for customer relationships, log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click the drop-down menu icon in the top right corner next to ROOT USER.
  3. Click Administration > Configuration > CRM > Notifications.
  4. Click Configure and set the following parameters:
    Parameter Name Value Description
    supportEmail <email-id> Email address for the support team. This value is used in FROM field of outgoing emails to customers.
    internalEmail <email-id> Email address list for the internal team. This value is used in FROM field of internal emails.
    accountsOutboundEmail <email-id> Email address to receive the notifications on payments failure and on crossing the spend limit thresholds.
    salesEmail <email-id> Email address to display in FROM field of email sent to customer, when Retail Postpaid accounts exceed credit limits.
  5. Click Save and then, click Close.
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