Configuring IP geolocation using MaxMInd GeoIP

You have to integrate CloudPortal Business Manager with MaxMind GeoIP to discover information about a specific IP address. The application enables you to identify a user's IP address and look up the information of that IP address such as country, country of registration and so on. You can grant or deny access to customers based on their geographic location. You can provide a list of countries that are either blacklisted or whitelisted from Administration > Configuration > Account Management > Onboarding.

You can use the GeoIP service and look up information about a given IP address using an API.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click Home > All Services.
  3. Click B/OSS.
  4. Select MaxMind GeoIP and click Configure.
  5. Enter you unique API key.
  6. Specify the DB location and click Add.
  7. Enable the MaxMind GeoIP service by selecting the On toggle button.
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