Configuring Onboarding Settings


You can configure the onboarding settings for customer accounts by specifying whitelist and blacklist for countries and email domains and the default channel name to be used on account signup. You can specify the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes for countries and specify email domains to grant or deny access to customers. You can manage your onboarding settings from the Account Management pane of the CloudPortal Business Manager UI.

  1. Log in to the CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click the drop-down menu icon next to ROOT USER in the top right corner and click Administration.
  3. In the Configuration tab, click Account Management.
  4. In the Onboarding area, click Configure, and then click Edit.
  5. Configure the geolocation settings by specifying the whitelist and blacklist for countries.
  6. Specify the whitelist and blacklist for email domains.
  7. Specify the default channel name to be used on account sign up. By default, the first channel, that you configure, is considered as the default channel. All accounts that are created by self-registration are created under this default channel. However, you can specify any channel as the default channel.
  8. Click Save to save your changes and then click Close to close the dialog box.
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