The CloudPortal Business Manager reports help you get an overview of what is going on in your service. These reports are displayed in a graphical form and can be exported in various formats such as PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG vector.

CloudPortal Business Manager provides the following reports:
  • New Registrations: By default, this report displays the new registrations in the current month. You can generate and view this report for a particular period by specifying the start date and end date.
  • Top Customers: By default, this report displays the top customers in the current month. You can generate and view this report for a particular month by specifying the month and year.
  • Custom Reports: These are reports that you have defined based on your business needs for information, reporting, and monitoring. You can generate and view these report by selecting a report and generating it. You can also download these reports and forward them via email.

Custom Reports

When first installed, CloudPortal Business Manager provides a set of built-in reports. With the help of CloudPortal Professional Services, you can add custom reports to meet your specific reporting needs. Custom reports are generated as ad-hoc reports through the CloudPortal Business Manager UI, and can accept input parameters.
Note: The out of the box reports display the monetary values in default currency (value of the config com.citrix.cpbm.portal.settings.default.currency). In order to convert values from other currencies to default currencies CPBM uses conversion factor (column "conversion_factor") available in table "cloud_portal.currency_value". This conversion factor is multiplied by the amount in the corresponding currency to get appropriate value in the default currency. Service provider must update this column directly into the database.

For more information on customizing reports, refer to the Customization SDK guide.

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