Adding a product bundle

Product bundles represent the package a customer buys to provision a resource. As a service provider, you have to create product bundles which include specifying a service instance, resource type, entitlements, and charge frequency. You can create product bundles for your customers from the CloudPortal Business Manager.

  1. Log in to the CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click Catalog > Plan Next.
  3. In the Products Bundles tab, click Add New. The Add Product Bundle wizard appears.
  4. In the Bundle Description page, enter the bundle details and click Next.
  5. Specify the bundle details such as resource type, subscriptions allowed, and charge frequency. You can select from the following based on your requirement:
    • Allow subscriptions: number of subscriptions supported - no limit, one per account, any number per account, and one per user.
    • Charge frequency: monthly with no minimum recurring charges, monthly, quarterly, or annual.
  6. Select the checkbox "Eligible for Trial" if this bundle is for a trial account. A trial customer will see only these bundles.
  7. Clear the checkbox "Enable notification" if you do not want email notifications to be sent on the subscription or unsubscription of this product bundle. By default, whenever a user subscribes or un-subscribes to this product bundle, email notification is sent to the user who has subscribed to the product bundle, the product bundle owner, and the sales support alias. Any user who has a Product Management role can turn off this setting. The sales support alias is specified in Administration > Portal > Address book > addressbook.salesSupportEmail settings.
  8. Click Next.
  9. In the Provisioning Constraints page, set the provisioning constraints for the resource components and click Next.
  10. Enter the bundle charges and set one-off and recurring charges to be used as reference for this bundle and click Next.
  11. Review and confirm the bundle details and click Add to add the product bundle.
  12. Select the product bundle from the list of product bundles and click the Entitlements tab.
    1. Select the product from the product list.
    2. Enter the number of included units per month. If you want to provide unlimited entitlements, select the checkbox to specify it.
    Note: While creating a product bundle for a Resource Type, only products which are based on usage types generated by that Resource Type can be given as unlimited entitlement in that bundle.

    If you select the checkbox for unlimited entitlement and then select the product, you are able to give unlimited entitlement even for a product that is not set to give unlimited entitlement.

    Note: Entitlement is based on subscription activation date for the first billing period. From second billing period onwards, it is based on invoice start date. For monthly, it would be as on last billing cycle's last date, but for quarterly it could be up to three months back.

Post requirements: You have to publish the bundle and activate it for the bundle to be visible to the channels

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