Configuration Metadata

A cloud service connector must specify the set of properties needed for the connector to successfully communicate with an instance of the cloud service. These set of properties will be configured in the administration UI for each cloud service instance that is instantiated. For a singleton instance, there will be only one instance of the cloud service that can be configured. NOTE: It is important to note the point that when instances are configured there will be one set of properties that will be instantiated per instance of the cloud service that is configured. The configuration properties are specified as a collection of Property elements enclosed in a Properties element. The definition of each Property element is described below:
Element (items in italics are attributes) Description
Property A property that needs to be configured
Id Dot separated identifier of property (for example, endpoint.url)
Type (Integer/String/url/Boolean/Number/Date/Password)
Encrypted (true/false)

JSON validation string. Syntax same as for jquery.validation plugin, formal specification. Validations described here will be applied both on the Client and Server side.

List of supported validations:









The property element under configuration now has new attributes, namely default and unique. The default attribute contains the default value for a given property, and if a property has unique = true, then no two service instances for the given service can have the same value for the given property.

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