Customizing Pricing Filters

Pricing filters can be customized. By customization, CloudPortal Business Manager allows the removal of filters.

Customizing pricing filters consists of the following:

Step 1

Open the applicationContext-admin-customizations.xml file in citrix.cpbm.custom.common bundle.

Step 2

There are 2 spring beans which refer to a collection of discounting engines and tax engines:
  • discountEngineList
  • taxEngineList
<bean name="adhocDiscountEngine" class="${}" >       </bean>      <bean name="percentDiscountEngine" class="${}">      </bean>      <bean name="amountDiscountEngine" class="${}" />       <bean name="taxEngine" class="${tax.engine.implementation}" >         <property name="flatTaxPercent" value="${tax.engine.flat.percent:10.0}" />      </bean>      	<bean id="discountEngineList" class="java.util.ArrayList">  		<constructor-arg>  			<list>  				<ref bean="adhocDiscountEngine" />  				<ref bean="percentDiscountEngine" />  				<ref bean="amountDiscountEngine" />  			</list>  		</constructor-arg>  	</bean>  	  	<bean id="taxEngineList" class="java.util.ArrayList">  		<constructor-arg>  			<list>  				<ref bean="taxEngine" />  			</list>  		</constructor-arg>  	</bean>

Step 3

Remove the bean reference from the list which is not required or is not applicable. Any bean reference removed from the above mentioned list will also remove the bean declaration as this bean is not used any more.

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