Customizing Account Types

Customer can add more account types to CloudPortal Business Manager, if required.

Below are the steps to create new account type:
  1. Create a new entry for the new account type in the table account_types under schema cloud_portal. Add a liquibase change set to file custom-db-config-v0.1.xml located in bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.common at src/main/resources/citrix/cpbm/custom/db/portal/.
    A sample liquibase change set is as follows:
    <changeSet id="1373375974" author="John">    <insert tableName="account_types">  <insert tableName="account_types">              <column name="name" value="CUSTOM_AT"/>              <column name="display_name" value="Custom Account Type"/>              <column name="description" value="Custom account type for doc"/>              <column name="trial" valueBoolean="false"/>              <column name="payment_info_required" valueBoolean="true"/>              <column name="instantpay_required" value="0"/>              <column name="autopay_required" valueBoolean="true"/>              <column name="extend_credit" valueBoolean="true"/>              <column name="self_registration_allowed" valueBoolean="true"/>              <column name="manual_registration_allowed" valueBoolean="true"/>              <column name="notional_billing" valueBoolean="false"/>              <column name="manual_activation" valueBoolean="false"/>              <column name="credit_exposure_breach" valueNumeric="3"/>              <column name="default_self_registered" valueBoolean="true"/>              <column name="default_registered" valueBoolean="true"/>              <column name="payment_modes" valueNumeric="2"/>              <column name="max_users" valueNumeric="10"/>              <column name="account_restriction_grace_period" valueNumeric="1"/>              <column name="pre_auth_required" valueBoolean="false"/>              <column name="deposit_required" valueBoolean="false"/>              <column name="enable_secondary_address" valueBoolean="false"/>              <column name="version" valueNumeric="0"/>          </insert>    </insert>  </changeSet>
    Note: In above example "CUSTOM_AT" is sample name , "Custom account type" is sample display name and "Custom account type for doc" is sample description of the account type. You must select other values as per your requirement. For more information, refer to Account Properties.
  2. Add required resources into custom application properties. Add the below mentioned properties:
    registration.accounttype.custom_at=Custom Account Type  registration.accounttype.description.custom_at=Custom account type with special privileges  page.level2.custom_at=Custom Account Type
    Note: custom_at is shown on above properties as an example only. You should add the name used for the account type and corresponding description.

    For details, refer to Customizing Resource Properties.

  3. Restart the CPBM server:
    service cloud-portal stop  service cloud-portal start
Note: Liquibase is a tool which CloudPortal Business Manager uses to populate base data or to perform any upgrade/migration during CloudPortal Business Manager upgrade. More information about liquibase can be found at:
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