Integrating CloudPortal Business Manager with Accelerite CloudPlatform for Single Sign-on


As an Administrator, if you do not want to provide usename and password while launching the Accelerite CloudPlatform UI Console from CloudPortal Business Manager, you have to provide Single Sign-on (SSO) integration between CloudPortal Business Manager and CloudPlatform.


On each CloudPlatform server, run the ./ script and select Integrate with CloudPlatform from the menu. This will place files within CloudPlatform that are needed for single sign-on integration with CloudPortal. Note that after the files are copied over for integration, you will no longer be able to access the CloudPlatform management server using http://<hostname>:8080/client. It is recommended to access the CloudPlatform management UI by first logging into CloudPortal and clicking the "Launch Cloud Console" button on the dashboard. As an alternative, the CloudPlatform management UI can be accessed directly by using http://<hostname>:8080/client/?direct=true.

# ./  Welcome to the Accelerite CloudPortal Business Manager Installer.  What would you like to do?  D) Install the database server  I) Install & Configure CloudPortal Business Manager  C) Integrate with Accelerite CloudPlatform  Q) Quit  > C

Choose option C and press Enter and wait for the process to complete. Please note that no confirmation will be displayed. Click q to exit the installer.

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