Configuring Fraud Control Settings

CloudPortal Business Manager comes integrated with a fraud control provision that can assess fraud risk associated with the user’s credit card. You can determine the admissible fraud risk level for credit card users by entering values for certain parameters as shown in the table below.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Go to Administration > Configuration > Portal > Integration.
  3. Click Configure and set the following parameter values.
    Parameter Name Parameter Value Description
    creditcardfrauddetection.threshold Any numerical value This is the minimum fraud threshold that you set in numerical units. The value that you set here determines the extent of fraud risk that you are willing to accept. A lower threshold value would mean that your ‘trust’ level is higher than that for a higher threshold value. The recommended default value for this parameter is 3.
    creditcardfrauddetection.emailthreshold Any numerical value greater than <integration.fraudcontrol.threshold>

    Enter a value greater than <creditcardfrauddetection.threshold>. For any risk score that lies between <creditcardfrauddetection.emailthreshold> and <creditcardfrauddetection.threshold>, an Email alert for credit card fraud check violation is sent to the admin support.

    The recommended default value for this parameter is 25.

  4. Click Save and then, click Close.
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