Workflow while enabling a service


By default, no workflow is present for enabling a service by an account admin/master user. If manual steps are required to enable a service or if there is a need to control the sign-up process, the service provider can enable a workflow that is triggered when the master user enables a service. This can be achieved by uncommenting the rule in transactionWorkflowMap.xml and workflow definition in workflow.xml. For more information, refer to How workflows work.

The rules or conditions to initiate a workflow, depending on transaction details, are defined in transactionWorkflowMap.xml. For example:
<TransactionWorkflowMap>    <Match type="cloudServiceActivation" workflow="cloud-service-activation-approval">      <Rule>{ == 'cloudServiceActivation'}</Rule>    </Match>  </TransactionWorkflowMap>  
Workflow name returned from transactionWorkflowMap.xml is used to read the workflow definition from file workflows.xml:
<Workflow name="cloud-service-activation-approval">      <Bucket order="1">        <Activity name="serviceActivationApprovalActivity" ref="serviceActivationApprovalActivity" />      </Bucket>    </Workflow>   
Uncommenting the above XML snippets will enable a workflow having one approval activity (assigned to operational users with the role " ROLE_ACCOUNT_MGMT ") and it is enabled for all service instances.
Note: The above two snippets are available out of the box and the service provider should change it according to the requirement. For more information, refer to Customizing Workflows.
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