Jobs and Job Management


Jobs are system-generated tasks to run in a given time period to accomplish certain activities like billing. Jobs are used to perform routine tasks such as tracking usage, mediation, generating invoices, account statements, and so on. You can configure custom jobs, schedule jobs, view status of jobs, and view exception reports when jobs fail.

Jobs are scheduled to run at a particular time and recur at a set interval. Batch jobs are implemented as JavaBeans ( and are run using the Spring ( platform. The batch jobs are scheduled in two XML files in the CloudPortal installation path: applicationContext-jobs.xml and applicationContext-scheduler.xml. You can edit these files to change the job schedule. After editing the files, you must restart CloudPortal server for the changes to take effect.

You can create custom jobs based on your business needs. For information on configuring custom jobs, refer to the Customization SDK guide.

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