Standard query parameters

Where supported, the API uses standard query parameters to support search, filter, pagination and expansion. All APIs will use these parameters when they support the specified functions.

These parameters are detailed in the table below:

Parameters Description
q search string for a search, typically used in the list calls (e.g. GET /orders)
page Used to paginate, represents page number
pagesize No. of items to return per page
expand Request expansion of nested entities

(Expand is optional comma separated list of one or more inner objects of REST resource)

order asc|desc. Order by specified field in ascending / descending order
<name>=<value> Filter by field specified by name with value provided.
sort <field>, field to sort

Example for expand

Suppose we have object "foo", which contains list of "bar" Objects. foo object expanded view:





bar Object expanded view

bar Object expanded view

name (minimal)





emailed (minimal)

phone (minimal)

address Object expanded view

name (minimal)



city (minimal)


Response for the query listFOO, gives the expanded representation of foo, but minimal representation of bar object.

In request query, if there is no expand, such as http://<IP:Port/api/listFOO ?>, then the response will be:

{     "count":1,     "foolist":[        {           "uuid":"9fc7754c-6d46-11e0-a026-065287aed31a",           "name":"SERVICE",           "fooid":"00000000",           ”barlist”:[              {                 " name  ":"SYSTEM",                 “emailid”:””,                 “phone”:”213412341”              }           ]        }     ]  }  

In request query, if expand = bar, such as http://<IP:Port/api/listFOO?expand=bar > then the response will be :

{     "count":1,     "foolist":[        {           "uuid":"9fc7754c-6d46-11e0-a026-065287aed31a",           "name":"SERVICE",           "fooid":"00000000",           "barlist":[              {                 "name":"SYSTEM",                 "displayname":"System",                 "address":{                    ”city”:”cityname”                 },                 ”pincode”:”213123”,                 “Country”:”someCountry”,                 “emailid”:””,                 “phone”:”213412341”              }           ]        }     ]  

In request query, if Address along with "bar" needs to be expanded, then the query should contain expand = bar.address, such as

< http://<IP:Port/api/listFOO?expand=bar.address >, then the response will be:
{     "count":1,     "foolist":[        {           "uuid":"9fc7754c-6d46-11e0-a026-065287aed31a",           "name":"SERVICE",           "fooid":"00000000",           ”barlist”:[              {                 "name":"SYSTEM",                 "displayname":"System",                 address”:{                    “stree1”:”1st street”,                    ”street2”:”street2”,                    ”city”:”cityname”,                    ”state”:”state”                 },                 ”pincode”:”213123”,                 “Country”:”someCountry”,                 “emailid”:””,                 “phone”:”213412341”              }           ]        }     ]  }  

Multiple expand:

Suppose "qux" is another object in foo along with "bar", that can be expanded as well, then the query should be expand=bar,qux as in:

< http://<IP:Port/api/listFOO?expand=bar,qux >

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