Users and Profiles


About Users

A user is a computer's representation of a person who interacts with the computer software. CloudPortal saves a variety of information about each of its users.

The minimum set of information that the portal needs to know about each user is:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Profile
  • Username
  • Password

Optionally, users can provide additional details:

  • Photo
  • Time zone

About Profiles

A profile is a set of permissions that is saved under a name, such as Administrator or Manager. Every user of your portal is assigned a profile, including yourself. The profile is assigned when the user is added to the portal.

Profiles are useful for saving a frequently-used set of permissions so that they can be easily granted to a user in a single step. This is easier and less error-prone than setting each individual permission for every user. Profiles also ensure that multiple users with equivalent duties and needs are all granted the same permissions. For example, you might want to grant the "Create Customer Account" permission for the Sales profile but not for the Help Desk profile.

CloudPortal ships with a predefined set of profiles. You cannot add or delete a profile. If you have the "Create/Manage Profile" permission, you can select which permissions to grant under each profile name. Given below are the profiles in CloudPortal. The CloudPortal UI includes a fair amount of information on the predefined profiles, role names and their descriptions.

Customer Profiles

  • Master User
  • Billing Admin
  • Power User
  • User
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