Subscribing to a Product Bundle


As a user, you can select the resource type that you want and filter by provisioning constraints to get a list of product bundles that satisfy your selection criteria. You can then configure and subscribe to a product bundle.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as a user.
  2. Either click Catalog or click Home > Browse Catalog. The Catalog page displays the list of services enabled for you, along with the service instances.
  3. Select the service and the service instance.
  4. Select the resource type and specify the filters and select the resource components. The Pricing tab at the top left displays the bundles categorized by the frequency of recurring charges. The prices are displayed in the currency that is set for your account.
  5. Select the appropriate pricing tab to view the product bundles that match your selection criteria.
  6. Select the product bundle and click Configure & Subscribe.
  7. In the Configure and Subscribe page, select the resource components if you have not already selected them earlier and complete the configuration (optional). In the right pane, you can view the following:
    • Selections
    • One-time charges
    • Recurring charges
    • Utility charges (for additional usage that may be generated for the resources that you have selected)
  8. Review the user policy and accept the terms and conditions of the Customer Agreement.
  9. Click Subscribe and provision. On subscribing, you can choose to navigate to the dashboard, my resources page, catalog page, or subscriptions page. On successful provisioning of the resource, the subscription becomes active; it is listed as ACTIVE in the Subscriptions page and you are charged for the subscription.
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