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The Accelerite Agent is the primary piece of local software provided to clients for the purposes of interfacing with our service. The agent manages all mounting and uploading functionality and delivers a type of “heartbeat” monitor to the WebApp for the purposes of troubleshooting and connectivity. To create an agent, simply select the Agents tab for the particular client you wish to set up and hit the “Add Cloud DR Agent” button. A popup menu will appear. Choose your local backup software and give the agent a unique name that makes sense for your environment. Next, you’ll want to configure your agent. The agent configuration page allows you to configure bandwidth settings, access to local folders and in the case of AppAssure, providing access credentials so your agent can access the Core. Once you’re done here, be sure to save your configuration. Now you’ll be able to hover over the double down arrows next to the name of the agent for an option to download. Download the software, install it locally and allow it to identify. Once identified, you will see the status change to "Provisioned" and you will see a timestamp from the heartbeat monitor. As long as the agent is connected, you will continue to see new time stamps here several times per minute.

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