rCloud App - Restoring a Machine


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When it's time to restore a machine, whether for testing purposes or in the event of a disaster, the Dashboard makes the process quick and easy. Navigate to the Backups tab, and on the right side of the screen, in line with the name of your machine, you will see a button with an up arrow. This is the restore button. Selecting this button will automatically begin the restoration process, taking your most recent restore point for that machine. Choose a name, and input your machine's IP scheme, and select Restore. The "Operation:Restore" page will now load, where you’ll be able to see information regarding your machine, along with two buttons, "Restore" and "Start". Clicking the restore button will begin the back-end restoration algorithms. This process is the shortest of the two steps, and is usually done within a few minutes. Once the status says "completed", you will be able to start your machine.

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