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Radia updates and Radia Infrastructure Monitoring – Satellite Monitoring, Dec 2023 UGM

We want to express our gratitude for your participation in our recent Persistent Digital Device Management user group meeting held as a virtual live session on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. During this meeting we covered summary of 2023 with various insightful topics and presented key information on our Radia release updates and the new features roadmap and with a special mention of upcoming feature “Radia Satellite monitoring”.

Here’s a summary of the main points discussed:

Summary of year 2023 monthly UGM topics covered and some release announcements.

Radia release update and roadmap of new features-

Radia 11.0 CP2
  • MS BitLocker Management
  • NextGen Linux Patching – RHEL
  • OpenSSL 3.0 Support
  • Radia Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Actionable Dashboard – Phase 2
  • Smart Inventory
  • Connector Framework
  • ML Based Issues Detection and Remediation
  • Radia Servers 64-bit transformation
  • Customer RFEs
  • Infrastructure Optimization
Advance Patch Manager – Improvements:
  • Support For Superseded Patches
  • Support for Proxy server - with enhanced security, simple and easy acquisition.
  • Database Maintenance and deletion of historic data
Radia Infrastructure Monitoring – Satellite Monitoring

Allows you to monitor Radia Satellite Servers. This feature helps you to monitor the satellite health and display the status of satellite servers in the infrastructure in RAG- red, amber, green, indicating the health of the different Radia related services on those satellites. Stay tuned for upcoming UGM to get the real time demo.

Should you wish to explore a full demo of Radia 11.0 with its new features or have any queries regarding Radia, IoT, digital device management, patch management or cybersecurity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you.

We also encourage you to join our offline LinkedIn discussion forum (link) to engage with our community, share your feedback, suggestions and insights. Your inputs is valuable to us, and we are always open to your suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to contact us or drop an email to

We are excited to maintain the same level of enthusiasm in our upcoming User Group meeting on 3rd January 2024. Stay updated by following us on our LinkedIn forum for latest news and updates here.

We invite you to share your ideas for future user group sessions or consider presenting and sharing your experiences. You active participation is highly appreciated.