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API Monetization & Management User Group- Minutes of Meeting

It was a great start with our first API monetization and management user group call last night 16th March 2022. We had a wonderful session with our TDC user in this call.

If you have missed the event or like to re-visit, here is the recording link to watch on demand!

A quick recap of API monetization and management (Aepona) User Group meeting-


  1. We opened the forum for discussion to have users discuss their experiences, feedback, best practices, any new request, or challenges.
  • This month our distinct product user in spotlight was Morten Aagaard from TDC. It was a privilege having Morten speak to his domain expertise and the way TDC is associated with Aepona for more than 12 years. TDC is known to use Aepona since the time it was Universal platform. Morten gave us insight into usage of premium messaging feature as the demand for SMS keep shifting the reach is wide. Morten also exemplified usage of Aepona AMP platform, few such examples were “For any event in Denmark - users can use SMS to pay by a short number because it is easy than downloading an app and considered to be a valid option”. Another was, “Users can donate by a text message e.g. for Ukraine donation”.
  1. Bharath Rajmohan presented focus areas and key features of API monetization and management platform, roadmap, and release timelines of Aepona product.
  2. Q&A
  3. Update on launch of User Group Forum community. (Please join our discussion forum on LinkedIn, if you are already not a part of it).


Please email to if you want to be part of the future meetings or showcase your case study.


Stay tuned as we have exciting news and announcements lined up for you in the upcoming User Group Meetings.

Our Next user group meet is scheduled on 20th April 2022 same time.


We look forward to seeing you at our next User Group meeting.