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Minute of meeting - Digital Device Management (Radia) User Group Meeting 6.4

Our 2nd edition of Digital Device management (Radia) User group meeting was held-up yesterday 6th April 2022 in two live sessions covering various region APAC, Japan, Korea, Australia, EMEA and US. We are glad that we could experience a great learning and knowledge sharing by the experts in both the sessions.


Please access the recordings of both the live session here-

We had two different unique sessions as we had two unique Users sharing their customized tool and experience for each session.


APAC region summary:

Matthew Deverick from Flex Consulting presented his custom Radia remote admin tool.

Matt demonstrated two GUI based remote admin tools he has built on top of Radia – (i) Radia admin tool (to remotely manage devices, collect logs, issue shutdown/reboot commands, take remote control and more) and (i) PACman tool - People Application and Computer MANagement tool which helps manage and assign policies, trigger device connects, view deployment updates in near real-time and much more. More details you can access in the recordings.


US, EMEA region Summary:

Aaron Carl from Diebold Nixdorf accepted to drive this event. Matthew Brandt from Diebold Nixdorf presented a solution on where they had an issue with 3 distinct overnight timer for audit, patch and software causing complex issues including very large heaps, reboots and long connects. Matt developed a solution by customizing the existing ZTIMEQ and developing a REXX script to create a chain of timers (Daisy chain). These customizations allow connects to trigger one-after another in a sequence. Additionally, another REXX script ensures that these timers do not get executed beyond the service window. Find out more details in the recordings.


Followed by Q&A and feedback.


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Attaching the event collaterals for your ease.


Stay tuned as we have other exciting news and announcements lined up for you in the upcoming User Group Meetings scheduled for 4th May 2022 same time.


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We look forward to seeing you at our next User Group meeting.