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API Management & Monetization User Group- Minutes of Meeting 20.4.2022


We had our 2nd User group meeting for API Management and Monetization on 20th April 2022. This time we introduced Persistent Marketplace Platform.


If you have missed the event or like to re-visit, here is link to watch the recording!


Summary of ‘Persistent Marketplace Platform’ that was presented in this session-


  1. Persistent Marketplace offers a unique growth plan to its customers by giving a complete marketplace disruption benefit. It’s an ecosystem to-
  • Create marketplace to our customers

              With the services, accelerators and platforms. It helps the marketplace adoption for the partners.

  • Manage marketplace for our customers

              With our mature cloud practices, we will be able to offer marketplace as a hosted infrastructure and help in operating and managing end to end.

  •  Build our own Persistent marketplace

               We are soon to launch our own marketplace, which will host proven assets, IPs, accelerators and offerings across Persistent to be part of catalogue. Partners can register and use these services.

  1. Bharath Mohanraj also explained how this solution cater to the general services and to all industries (like banking and financial services, telecom, retail, security, infrastructure, IT services, goods and services, etc). He shared key features and roadmap of launch during the meeting.

         We are in phase of launching our own marketplace, additionally, we invite you to be part of our marketplace and add your API, IPs and assets. Please contact us if you want to host your marketplace or be part of Persistent marketplace.

  1. Q&A

Stay tuned as we have exciting news and announcements lined up for you in the upcoming User Group Meetings.

Our Next user group meet is scheduled on 18th May 2022.


We look forward to seeing you at our next User Group meeting.


Happy Reading!