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Marko Vlaovic

"Prohibited software" feature mentioned in official Radia presentation PPT - really? how, where?


As an Accelerite partner, i came accross a PPT presentation on the Accelerite Support site, titled "Technical-Overview-Radia2014". I see that this a rather old PPT but it is still available on the support site so i take it to be valid.

Slide 37 in that presentation is titled "Prohibited Software" and it talks about the feature to "Identify and block unapproved or prohibited software" using "prohibition rules". It also mentions that Radia management agent can "Identify prohibited software from Blacklist" and "Stops prohibited software form running each time user attempts to launch".

Since the concept of strict control over software installation is something many customers are interested in, this caught my attention as i have been working with older Radia on several projects and i have never seen such a feature in the product, or at least i don't remember.

So, is this really possible to Radia to handle "prohibited software" and if yes, what RCA module, feature, objects or mechanisms are used to support this? Is this a part of Usage Management?

Please point me in the right direction, how and where in the RCA system to configure the control over "prohibited software"?

Is this and explicit RCA feature or just an implicit cool thing you could indirectly construct out of standard RCA objects and features?

(of course, i wasn't able to find any clue in the official product manuals, no "prohibition rules" or anything like that is mentioned there)

Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks




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Arne Halsteinslid

Hi Marco!

I suspect what the presentation refers to is apps on mobile devices, check the RCA v9.2 System Administrators Guide page 398, Chapter 3: Tasks for Core Administrators - Managing Mobile Devices - Managing Mobile Device Security - Blacklisting Apps

I tested blacklisting apps on Android devices; it works! :-)


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Gowhar Jan

Arne is right, blacklisting capability is available for mobile devices. You create a security profile of type blacklisting and add ID of the app you wish to blacklist

and assign this profile to mobile users or groups. If mobile users have registered their mobile devices with Radia, the profile is enforced and the app is blacklisted.

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Marko Vlaovic


ok, so this only applies to mobile env, got it.

Sadly the PPT mentions this as if this was a general feature...

Thanks for clarifications, regards


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