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Jim Longo

How to retire bulletins from the CSDB editor in Production using RadDButil and Perform a Patch DB Synchronization

NOTE: Before retiring bulletins from the CSDB editor it is very important to un-entitle the bulletins from Radia Policy first. If bulletins are retired before removing them from policy the result will be a 650 error during the Radia agent connect.


There are 2 ways to remove old bulletins from the CSDB editor.


1.> Use the Console and add the bulletins to the retire section and run an acquisition. During the next acquisition the bulletins listed in the retire section are removed from the CSDB editor. This method may not be available in Production if the acquisitions are not executed in Production. If acquisitions are not executed in Production follow the steps it item #2 below.



2.>   If acquisitions are not executed in production use the RadDButil command line to remove old bulletins from the CSDB editor. The following example will remove MS-KB4462214 from the CSDB editor. The raddbutil.exe is in the ConfigurationServer/bin folder.


Copy this syntax into notepad and create a batch file named radDButil_Patch_Delete.bat in the ConfigurationServer/bin folder to it can be reused when needed. Change the bulletin ID to the bulletin ID that will be retired.




When using RadDButil to remove old bulletins it may be necessary to Perform a DB Synchronization from the console to remove the bulletins from the Patch ODBC database and reporting.



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carrefour support admin RADIA

Thanks Jim for the information. I just want end user to be aware that the command line is missing a space between the * and -preview 0

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