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Jim Longo

The December acquisition is failing with an invalid token error.

Accelerite is currently investigating an invalid token error when acquiring the December file and MUC bulletins. We will update this post when we have more information and a solution is available.  

20191211 15:47:24 Info: STDOUT: Invalid text value '20191211 15:47:24 Error occured while reading patch information error "not well-formed (invalid token)" at line 1 character 1
"ï <--Error-- »¿<LocalizedProperties><Language>en</L"'


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Jim Longo

We are currently testing an updated patch.tkd to work around a problem with a new file that was added to the file. The has some formatting anomalies that are causing the Radia acquisition to fail. We have added code to workaround the formatting anomalies in the file and are current testing the hotfix in our lab.


We expect to complete our testing and release the updated patch.tkd later today. 



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