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How to enable Patch Management Reports (Entitled)

Currently in Patch Manager reporting, the patch compliance for a device is calculated by the applicable and acquired bulletins. This hotfix enhances the Patch Manager reporting to add a new set of reports for displaying the patch compliance for entitled bulletins instead of acquired bulletins.

The new set of reports named "Patch Management Reports (Entitled)" is added at the same level as the existing "Patch Management Reports".

Existing Patch Manager reports will continue to work as it is. The modules needed to enable these reports should already exist so there should not be a need to update the modules from hotfix QCCR1C55215. Only the instructions below should be needed in order to update the reports with entitled bulletins. 

1. Edit the patch.cfg located at <InstallDir>/PatchManager/etc
-> Add


2. Re-start the RCA Patch Manager Server service

Steps for Messaging Server:

1. Edit the patch.dda.cfg located at <InstallDir>\MessagingServer/etc (Place in "msg::register patch.odbc" section)
-> Add


2. Re-start RCA Messaging Server Service.

Steps for RCA Reporting Server:

1. On the Core Server, navigate to <InstallDir>\ReportingServer\reportpacks
2. Navigate to <InstallDir>\ReportingServer\reportpacks\etc\rapm.cfg
3. Search for "ENABLE" key word, change the value from 0 to 1 and refresh the reporting page.

After applying above Hotfix , please do the following mentioned Steps for Configuring Client:

1. Open the Admin CSDB Editor.
2. Navigate to PRIMARY->PATCHMGR->Client Method->DISCOVER.
3. Edit all the attributes (Create Method, Delete Method etc.) to add a new parameter -sab Y where sab stands for Send Assigned Bulletins.
4. Repeat this step for FINALIZE and MANAGE.


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