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Mohammed Al-Nady

How to restrict a service resolution to any machine which has a specific software installed ?

Hi all, 

can any one help to know how can i limit the service a service resolution so that it should be deployed only on any machine which has mozilla installed ?




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Jim Longo

Hi Mohammed,

 Software dependencies are a core function of Radia Patch Manager and can be easily handled by a custom Patch service for drop and run applications. For instance, a custom XML file can be configured to run a custom Patch service only if Mozilla is found to be installed. If Mozilla is not installed the Patch service will be not applicable and skip the Patch service. Custom XML files can only be used for drop and run modules so more complex Software deployments must be handled by Radia Software Manager. 

I will defer to Software Manager experts on using software dependencies via Radia Software Manager.  

If you need assistance please open a case with our support team. 





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Anurag Kumar

Hello Mohammed,


There are multiple ways to handle this in Radia.


  1. Custom ZSTOP Expressions – Radia provides service level ZSTOP expressions which stops the policy resolution if a pre-requisite is not met. With a custom rexx script (presetup.rex), we can check if Mozilla is installed in the current machine during the bootstrap (policy resolution).
  2. Service Encapsulation –  The entire service can be encapsulated in a custom package which will verify the presence of Mozilla before proceeding for installation.
  3. Service Groups – We can create a service group, which consists of multiple services and manages dependencies.
    1. Service1 - We can create a custom service for pre-requisite validations (presence of Mozilla).
    2. Service2 – If Service1 is successful, proceed for Service2 which is your application.


As mentioned by Jim, please open a case with our support team to get more details.


Best Regards,


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Mohammed Al-Nady

Thank you Jim & Anurag, i'll open a case with the support team, really appreciate your assistance

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