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Tony Rodal
This application failed to install correctly
Has anyone every seen where an application was published and the full service satellites have been synced yet the job will not come down unless the client is pointed to the core? We have a job that gives the "This application failed to install correctly. Please contact your system administrator for assistance." error every time unless it's pointed to the core. The exit code in the connect.log is always 709. I've deleted the zservice and appropriate lib folder but the error persists. Any ideas?
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Naveen Punj
Operating system deployment
We are facing deployment with OS deployment in our organisation. My Wim file size is 9 GB (Appox.) and we have split it into 255 MB SWM files. While installing windows using ImageX it throws the error " Image install or set up error" Is this something related to size of image or there is some other issue where you can help me with troubleshooting?
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Prerequisite for Packaging machine (Desktop)

Dear team,


For building 32 bit or 64 bit packages required separate packaging machine / desktop ? or can anyone provide detail information about to build packages .


Thanks & Regards

Randhir Phadtare

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Gayla Greis
Making a ,cmd/batch file process viewable on user's pc during a self service install
When running self service manager, Is there a way to make the install screen, either by an .msi/batch/cmd/setup.exe viewable so the user can choose a few options while the install is running. I have a few driver installs where they are not signed drivers but are allowed to install the driver regardless. I can not get the install to run silent because of this pop up. I would like to deliver it via self service manager but need to have the install screen appear. Is there a way to accomplish this? What setting in the DB editor need to be set in order for the install to be viewable. Any info would be great. Thanks!
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Vivek Chaudhary
Radia 7.9


I would like to understand what is involved in upgrading from Radia 7.9 to Radia 10.x.

  1. What is the migration path
  2. Do I need new Infra?
  3. Do I need to do anything with existing packages or will they work with Radia 10.x
  4. Do I need to do anything from Radia perspective if I move from Win 7 to Win 10 as well?
  5. Also, Do I need to pay for any license fee?

You can call me to discuss the details.




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