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Radia CA - Maximise ROI

Persistent Systems

Maximise the return on your Radia Client Automation Investment
  Have you noticed that you are not taking advantage of the broad set of capabilities in Radia Client Automation Enterprise
  Upgrade to the full suite in order to:
•  Enable mobile and BYOD initiatives
•  Automate OS upgrades – Get current with your OS environment (Windows XP end of support already announced)
•  Comply with security and government/industry regulations
•  Reduce software license costs with license optimization
  All with an ROI in less than 12 months!
  Help is available. 
Optimize and enhance your deployments with help of our highly experienced group of onsite Radia CA consultants.
Onsite health check – Secure, optimize and maximize return on your Radia investment
Windows upgrade planning – Identify the best and most cost effective path to upgrade your environment by utilizing Radia CA
Radia CA upgrade assessment and planning – Assess upgrade readiness, define return on new capabilities such as MDM and build a ready to execute upgrade plan
  Any of the above can provide value in as little as 4 days.

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