Run a restored machine


Once you have completed the Restore a Machine process, you can start that machine in the Virtual Lab. There are 2 ways to start a machine.

  1. Immediately after completing a restore you can click START MACHINE.


  2. From the machines tab hover the arrows next to the machine name and click Start.


    On the next screen you will be presented with a number of options prior to starting (booting) your machine.


    NOTE: If you need to start this machine for a Failover see the Failover section of the online help.

    • Check the Universal Start box for rCloud 4 machines (AppAssure or ShadowProtect)

    If you just click Start Machine it will boot with the default options:

    • The default Cloud Machine Policy
    • No inbound or outbound connectivity
    • Not connected to any other machines running in the Cloud.

    If you want to customize any of these settings see the sections below.

    Once the machine is running you can access the console directly through the rCloud web interface via SSL secured VNC. Simply click the Remote Console icon. rcloud-help-remote-icon.jpg

    NOTE: If no thumbnail is displayed the link will still be available to access the machine.


    You will be presented with console of the machine.

    NOTE: There are keyboard combination buttons available in the top left of the screen for ease of use.


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