Connecting Machines


By connecting machines together you are booting them on the same LAN, behind the same firewall. If you boot 2 machines without using the Connected to option they will boot behind separate firewalls on separate LAN.s.

NOTE: You can only connect a machine that is NOT running to one that is. If a machine is already running you must first stop it before connecting it to another (running) machine.

Follow these steps to connect machines:

  1. In the rCloud Web application, click on the Machines tab.
  2. Filter the list by using the Clients drop-down if necessary
  3. Use the two drop down arrows next to the name of the machine and click Start to start it.

  4. Once you are on the Operation: Start Machine page, click the words 0 Machine next to Connected to:


  5. Click Choose a running machine to connect to and then check the radio button of the appropriate machine.


  6. Click OK and SUBMIT.


    You should now see the name of the machine next to Connected to:


  7. Now you can start the machine by clicking the grey START MACHINE button. The machine will boot on the same LAN as the other machine.

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