Used Space Reports


To run the Used Space Report follow these steps:

  1. Log in to rCloud Web application, and then click on the Reports Tab. rcloud-help-reports-01.1.jpg
  2. Select the Machine Bill Type. Current options are as follows:
    • Billable - most machines will be billable.
    • Freemium - used exclusively for LabTech RMM Freemium servers up to 30GB.
    • Trial - only for partners/machines going through a limited time product trial.
    • Reserved - reserved for future use.
  3. Select the Time Period (by month).
  4. Select the Clients you want to report on. You can select All or a specific client.
  5. Click GENERATE to run the report. rcloud-help-reports-02.1.jpg
  6. To download the report as a .CSV file simply click SAVE. The format of the resulting file is shown below. rcloud-help-reports-03.gif
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