Update Machine Configuration


You can update machines settings after the initial Import. The following settings can be updated

  • Machine (Name) - the name of the machine in the rCloud Service
  • Agent - the Agent used to protect the machine
  • Backup Schedule - how often the agent checks to see if there are new collapsed daily backup files to upload

NOTE: The schedule is not necessarily how often backup files are uploaded but rather how often the agent checks for new files to upload.

  • Do not expect backups on weekends - if you check this box the agent will not produce an error if it doesn't find any new collapsed daily backups on the weekend.

NOTE: Credentials are only required when the Agent is accessing the files on a network location using UNC path

To update Machine settings, follow these steps:

  1. In the Clients drop-down list, select the client you are working with.

  2. Click the two drop-down arrows next to the name of the machine and click Settings.


  3. Click EDIT at the bottom of the page and update any of the fields described above.


  4. Click SAVE.

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