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This is a collections of "HOWTO's" useful for spot learning.



Q. How do I specify a storage location that can be used by all provisioning operations that occur in a Server Pool ?

A. ConVirt allows you to set a bunch of information associated with a Server Pool. This information takes precedence at the time of provisioning an new VM in the Server Pool. For using this feature to specify the central store,

  • Select the Server Pool
  • Right mouse click to get to the context menu
  • Select Provisioning Settings...
  • Enter VM_DISKS_DIR as name and /mnt/shared/class_a_storage as the value.

From now on, when you provision using Template on to this Server Pool, the disks for the VM would get created at /mnt/shared/class_a_storage location.

Q. I want to use LVMs as disks for my VMs. How do I create new LVM partitions when I provision new VMs ?

A. With ConVirt, it is easy to use LVM partitions for the providing storage for new VMs. Lets take the Linux_CD_install Template that ships with ConVirt and tweak it to use LVMs instead of file based storage.

  • Click on Linux_CD_install Template and choose Edit Settings.
  • Select the Storage from the wizard.
  • Select the disk and click on the Edit.
    • A new dialog with Storage Details would show up, change the Type from File/VBD to Logical Volume.
    • Change the Location from $VM_DISKS_DIR/$VM_NAME.disk.xm to /dev/MY_VG/$VM_NAME.disk.xm
    • Press Save to save the information.
  • Press ok to save the changes
  • Select the Template and provision it as you would normally, with the name say "debian_test"
    • you should see the debian_test.disk.xm logical volume created under /dev/MY_VG
    • Your debian_test vm is now set up to use the newly created /dev/MY_VG/debian_test.disk.xm volume.

Q. How do I use iSCSI and AOE with ConVirt?


For Ubuntu 8.10 (and maybe other distributives)

If there would be problems with ISCSI check that ISCSI is properly configured:

sudo iscsiadm -m discovery now substitute ISCSI-SERVER-IP-ADDRESS with IP address from above command: sudo iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p ISCSI-SERVER-IP-ADDRESS sudo /etc/init.d/open-iscsi restart

Q. How do I create VM using debootstrap / xen-tools with ConVirt?


Check out :

Many thanks to Bronto for providing this template.


Q. How do I send and email to a particular address when a provisioning operations is done ?


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