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Developer Resources

Here are some resources that would be useful to Developers or someone wanting to take a deeper technical look at ConVirt.

Note : This are for previous version of ConVirt i.e. 1.x, but a lot of philosophy and model are the same. You can go through these and then contact us on forums, for more specific questions. We would be adding ConVirt 2.0 specific details over here in coming weeks.



  • Image Builders Guide : Detailed explanation of Image Store and Images as well as instructions on customizing rolling out your own customized images.
  • Packaging Guide : Guide that explains how to go about packaging ConVirt. Interested in contributing / discussing packaging releated issues ? Join our convirt-packaging mailing list.

Plugin Development

  • Plugin Development Guide (PDF) : ConVirt has a pluggable architecture for making new Virtualization technologies manageable via ConVirt. This document explains ConVirt architecture and and guides you through developing such a Plugin.
  • UML Diagram for Core Model : UML diagram for ConVirt's Core model.

SVN Repository

SVN repository for ConVirt is now available via sourceforge. To check out the latest code,

svn co convirt_trunk

Submitting a patch

If you have a fix or enhancement for a ConVirt issue, you can submit the patch here. Also don't forget to announce it on xenman-users or Installation and Configuration Help or at least drop an email to

Getting Involved

Take a look at this project list. If you find anything interesting, drop us an email containing little bit of your background, time commitments and areas that you would like to contribute to.

Contact :

Contributors Agreement

As a part of the procedure, contributions can only be accepted after a signed copy of the Contributors License Agreement is received by Convirture. Please email us your signed copy at with title CLA.

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