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Patches for ConVirt 2.0


Patches for ConVirt 2.0

This page has list of patches released for version 2.0 along with instructions to patch a ConVirt installation.

ConVirt 2.0 Patch Bundles

For users with ConVirt 2.0 setup, the patch bundle provides an easy way to apply number of patches together. Please note that you may still want to apply recommended patches from Individual patches section below.

Description Cumulative patch bundle # 1
Release Date 23-March-2010
Severity Recommended
Fixes List of Fixes
Comments This patch bundle can be applied even if you have applied few of patches published before the date.
Patch File(s) bundle_patch_file
Prerequisites Convirt 2.0

Procedure :

  • Login to the CMS machine using Linux user used to install CMS.
  • Backup the CMS directory. (Directory containing convirt-ctl file. Typically /home/convirt/convirt or /root/convirt)
 mkdir before_patch_bundle_1 
 cp -r convirt before_patch_bundle_1
  • Go to CMS installation directory,
 cd convirt
  • Shutdown CMS
 ./convirt-ctl stop 

  • Remove old log files.
 rm convirt.log* paster.log
  • Untar the patch files.
 tar -xzvf convirt-2.0.patch_bundle_1.tar.gz
  • Adjust src/convirt/web/convirt/development.ini to your custom values. You can refer to the file from your backup location. Typical changes are
 * database user
 * listening port 
 * etc.
NOTE : Do NOT copy development.ini from backup location. There are few new required attributes added in the new development.ini
  • Update repository using update script(update_repository.sql). You will be prompted for MySQL database password.
 mysql -u root -p convirt < ./update_repository.sql
  • start CMS
 ./convirt-ctl start
  • Restart the Browser. (Just as a precaution)
  • Login to CMS. After logging in, explicitly refresh the page.(use shift + refresh button from browser toolbar). This would make sure that the new javascripts are loaded.
  • Visit Individual Patches section and see if there are new Recommended patches that needed to be applied.

Individual Patches

These section is useful, if you want to apply new patches. If you have a new ConVirt installation, then it is recommended to use the Cumulative patch section first, and then apply patches from this section. Note, read the pre-requisites carefully.

General procedure

Here is the procedure to apply individual patches. Please use this unless different instructions are given for a given patch.

  • log in to the machine where ConVirt Management Server is installed.
  • Download the patch file in ConVirt installation (usually /home/convirt/convirt)
  • patch -p0 < patch_file_name
  • Restart ConVirt Management Server

ConVirt 2.0 Individual Patches

Description Patch for CMS problem when Managed Server is started.
Release Date
Severity Recommended
Fixes Fixes CMS issues when a managed server is restarted.
Comments For details see : forum post
Patch File(s) See attachment to forum post here
Prerequisites Convirt 2.0 with Patch Bundle #1 applied.
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