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The Dashboard

The Dashboard is a consolidated listing of all known managed servers along with critical performance, availability and configuration metrics for each. It provides the user the ability to ascertain the state of his/her entire deployment at a glance. In addition, most common administrative tasks can be launched by right clicking on a server.

  • Launch. The Dashboard may be launched by selecting 'Server Pool' in the navigator on the left and then clicking on the Summary Tab on the right hand side. (Note: Upon startup, ConVirt launches the Dashboard by default).
  • Operations: Left-Clicking a row in the Dashboard selects the associated managed server. The following actions may be then be performed:
    • Double-Click: Connect to the managed server (if necessary) and drill down into a more detailed view. This selects the server's node in the navigator on the left hand side and brings up the Summary tab for the server on the right.
    • Right-Click: Context sensitive menu. Most server operations can be executed directly here.
    • Sorting: Clicking on the column header will re-sort the listing based on the clicked column. (not available for all columns)
  • Data. Each row in the Dashboard corresponds to a managed server. The fields are:
    • Server : The name of the managed server.
    • Connection : Connectivity status to the managed server ( i.e. whether ConVirt has an active connection to the server).
    • VM Summary : A compact listing of VM status on the server. Total(known)/Running/Paused/Crashed respectively.
    • VM CPU(%) : Aggregate processor usage by VM's running on the server. (Does not include the host OS/Domain-0's processor usage).
    • VM Mem(%): Aggregate memory usage by VM's running on the server. (Does not include the host OS/Domain-0's memory usage).
    • Storage Stats : Shows local storage / shared storage utilization along with size of total storage capacity available at the Server Pool level.
    • NET Summary : Shows number of network interfaces, kilobytes transfered, kilobytes received. (Does not include the host OS/Domain-0's stats).
    • VBD Summary : Shows number of VBDs, VBD_OO, number of reads, number of Writes. (Does not include the host OS/Domain-0's stats).
    • Server CPU(s) : Number and clock speed of the physical processors on the managed server. (if available)
    • Server Mem : Total, usable physical memory installed on the managed server. (if available)
    • Version : The Virtualization platform version being reported by the managed server.

Note : Most of the data fields in the Dashboard listing are available for managed servers running Xen v3.0.4 or above. For servers running earlier versions of Xen, most fields will display N/A.

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