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ConVirt config file (convirt.conf)


ConVirt's default configuration as well as data are kept in the convirt.conf file. This file is in simple text format, so it can be easily changed to suit your environment.

Upon startup, ConVirt looks for convirt.conf, in order, at the following locations:

  • ./convirt.conf (current directory)
  • ~/.convirt/convirt.conf - (user's home directory)
  • /etc/convirt.conf - (global location)

If it doesn't find a valid, writable configuration file, ConVirt creates a default file under the current directory.

The following sections describe important configuration parameters:

PATH section

This section contains default directory/file locations. Some important one's include:

  • image_store: This is the path variable setting for image store.
  • log_dir: This is the location where ConVirt writes its logs. By default, this is set to /var/log/convirt
  • exec_path: This is the path variable setting for remote shell operations. Default value is $PATH:/usr/sbin.


This section keeps application specific data. It is recommended that you DO NOT modify this section.

  • groups : Mapping between Server Pools and Servers.
  • vms : List of virtual machine configuration files being managed by ConVirt.


This section contains server environment information.

  • lvm_enabled : if the server has lvm and want ConVirt to create LVM for new VMs.

Managed Server specific Sections

The config file has section for each manged server. This contains information required by ConVirt to connected managed servers. This sections are relevant only on client machines. example :

is_remote = True
login = root
xen_port = 8005
ssh_port = 22


This section contains items specific to client/user preferences.

  • gnome_vfs_enabled : True/False. Set this to True if you are using ConVirt on Gnome desktop and have patched paramiko. See section on Remote File Browsing for more details.
  • log_file : convirt.log file. This can be set to a value of "console" for getting all the verbose messages on the console instead of a file.
  • enable_log : Enable logging to convirt.log.
  • http_proxy : Proxy url. example : http://proxyserver:proxyport
  • enable_log : if the log file should be created or not.
  • log_file : name of the log file. If it is just a file name, it is contained under the log_dir (PATH section). ~ representations for the home directory are not allowed. A special value of console can be used to put the log in the console window.
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