Replacing an existing product with a new product

  1. Log in to the portal as the service provider user having "Product create manage" role.
  2. Click the Catalog tab and choose Plan Next from the drop-down.
  3. Click on Add New button in Products dashboard to add a product.
  4. Add Product wizard appears. Enter the appropriate details to define the product.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the usage types, from the drop down list, that will impact this product. Choose the appropriate aggregation handling or operator (combine or exclude) for every usage type.
  7. Click the "+" sign to enter the next usage type. After entering the details for the next usage type, click Next.
  8. Enter the mediation rules from the drop down list for the usage type. The mediation rule will be applied on how usage needs to be collected. Click Next.
  9. Specify the conversion factor for the product units and click Next.
  10. Enter the utility or product charges for the active currencies and click Next.
  11. Review the details you entered and click Add.
  12. Click Close.

Post requirements: Activate the changes so that the product appears in the reference catalog.

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