Adding a campaign

Pre-requisite: You must have the Product Create/Manage permission to add a new campaign.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal as the Root User or Ops Admin.
  2. Click Channels > Campaigns.
  3. To add a campaign, click Add New Campaign. The Add Campaign page is displayed.
  4. Update the fields with the relevant details.
  5. Specify the promotion code for the campaign.
  6. Specify the start date and end date of the campaign. The end date decides when the campaign ends. No user can register after this date. However, if the end date is not specified, the campaign will run forever.
  7. Check the Trial option, if you want this campaign to be eligible only for trial users. If you leave the Trial option unchecked, it implies that this campaign is exclusively for non-trial users.
    Note: Percent Off and Amount Off options appear only when the Trial option is unchecked. If the Trial option is checked, it indicates that the campaign is exclusively for trial users, and as such the campaign offers a 100% discount.
  8. Check the Unlimited Signups option if the campaign is not limited only to a specific number of active users.
  9. Check the Unlimited Duration option if the promotion offer is available forever to a registered trial user.
  10. If you do not select the Unlimited Duration option for the campaign, specify the Duration of entitlement of the campaign. This denotes the duration of the entitlement available through this particular campaign and is specified in the number of days for a trial user and number of billing periods for a non-trial user.
  11. Select the channels in which you want this campaign to feature. To ensure this campaign features in multiple channels, press Ctrl key while selecting the channels.
  12. For non-trial users, if you want to give a discount of a certain percentage on this campaign, select the Percent Off option and enter the percentage in the Percent text box.
  13. For non-trial users, instead of a flat percentage off, you might want to give different amounts as discounts across different currencies. Select the Amount Off option and specify the amount of discount that you want to give in various currencies.
  14. Click Submit.
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