Customizing Country List

Customers can customize the list of countries to be displayed in the address and the order in which they appear.

CloudPortal Business Manager reads the country list from table countries under cloud_portal schema. This table has a column country_order of type INTEGER which decides if the country be displayed and in what order in UI.

If the value of the column country_order is NULL, then the corresponding country will not be displayed in UI. If the value is not null, then it shows the order in which the corresponding country will be displayed in UI.

If you want to change the value of the column, then you can do so by writing a change set in liquibase xml file located in citrix.cpbm.custom.common bundle at src/main/resources/citrix/cpbm/custom/db/portal/custom-db-config-v0.1.xml.
Note: Liquibase is a tool which CloudPortal Business Manager uses to populate base data or to perform any upgrade/migration during CloudPortal Business Manager upgrade. More information about liquibase can be found at:
Sample changeset shown below is to change order of a country with code 'CA':
<changeSet id="1373880932" author="Smith">      <update tableName="countries">            <column name="country_order" value="13"/>            <where>country_code_2 = 'CA'</where>        </update>    </changeSet>  
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