Viewing service health


You can view the current status of your service from the Service Health pane of the dashboard. You can view the service status on any particular day from the Support tab. Service health is visible to users within your account and is a quick way to let your users how the system is doing. You can also view when maintenance activity has been scheduled.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Master user.
  2. You can view the current status from the Service Health pane. Alternatively, you can click the Support tab. Service health status can be either issue, disruption, or resolution.
    • Issue: There is an issue with the service.
    • Disruption: The service is not functioning.
    • Resolution: The service issue has been resolved.
  3. Click Maintenance to find out when maintenance is scheduled.
    Note: Service Health is displayed for service instances which are enabled for that particular account.

    Health status for a particular day is determined by the latest service health status for the day. The Status History in the right pane displays the health status history for the day, including the time.

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