Configuring Portal Settings

  1. To configure portal setting parameters, log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click the drop-down menu icon in the top right corner next to ROOT USER.
  3. Click Administration > Configuration > Portal.
  4. Click Settings > Configure.
  5. Click Edit and set the following values:
    Settings - Parameter NameDescription
    public.protocol Public-facing protocol used for URLs embedded in text of outgoing email. Public-facing DNS host name (or IP address) used for URLs embedded in text of outgoing email.

    Ensure that the hostname provided must be a valid hostname and resolvable either in /etc/hosts or DNS.

    public.port Public-facing port used for URLs embedded in text of outgoing email.
    context.path Context path of portal server (default is /portal) Main Help desk phone number.
    helpdesk.url Help desk URL
    errorNotification.prefix Prefix to use in Subject line of error notification email, to indicate the origin of environment error.
    default.currency Default currency for new customer accounts. It has to be one of the active currencies in the system. Use an ISO 4217 currency code, such as USD, INR, SGD, EUR, JPY.
    image.path Path to images that are used in automatically generated emails. Specify the absolute path of the image.
    search.customFields The custom fields for tenants which can be used in advanced search.
    temp.path Path to temporary directory for placing zip files before downloading or sending in email.
    default.timezone Default preferred time zone for users. New users will have this time zone as their default time zone.
    images.uploadPath Absolute path to images directory for storing custom image logos, favicon etc.
    Note: Set the value to a valid existing path in your server file system.
    proxy.server.ipList Proxy server/load balancer IP addresses of the Cloud Portal setup, separated by commas. Enables saving of all outgoing emails into database table "sent_emails".
    services.datapath This is the path where service related files like serviceDefinition.xml, images, external jsp files, and terms and conditions file are copied from the OSGi connector bundle. Support Email address that is used in links/message, on portal for assistance.
    allow.signup Set it to "true" to mark channels as open for registration.
    cookies.warning.enabled Set this to "true" to enable cookie warning.
  6. Click Save and then, click Close.
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