Creating self-registered accounts


Customers can create their own accounts from the CloudPortal Business Manager UI. If the service provider enables self registration for a particular account type, a customer can create a user account of that account type.

Self-registration must be enabled for the account type.

When you create an account by self registration, it is associated with the default channel specified. You can also create an account that is associated with a specific channel. If there is a promotional code associated with a channel, you have to add both the promotional code and the channel code to the end of the URL of the first page of the "Create a new account" wizard. The account is created in the channel specified by the channel code.

If the promotional code is associated with a single channel, you need to provide the channel code (for example, &channelcode=usa) in the URL extension. You can also access CPBM with channel specific FQDN prefix instead of providing the channelcode in URL.

If the promotional code is associated with multiple channels and one of those associated channels is the default channel, the account is created in the default channel. If none of the above conditions are satisfied, then account creation fails.

  1. Open the service portal and click Sign up now!
  2. Select the type of account that you want to sign up for.
  3. Specify the account details as requested by the Create a new account wizard and click Submit.

Depending on the settings specified by the service provider, an email is sent to the Email address that the user has provided. The Email contains a link that the user must click to activate the account. The user is asked to enter and confirm a password. After the user enters and confirms a new password, the user is shown the login page. The user can then log in to the portal with these credentials. As an administrator, if you notice that the user has not activated the account, you can send a re-verification email to the user.

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